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Activity report 2018-2019


Carte mère

Rural electrification of remote areas

Ouneïne (High Atlas, Morocco)

Support and Accompaniment Program for the realization of Communal Development Plans (PCD)

Rural environment

Integrated Development Program (IDP)


Coucher de soleil et palmiers

Conduct of a peasant extension program in an Oasis environment in the regions of Adrar, Assaba, Hodh Gharbi, Hodh Chakri and Tagant

Islamic Republic of Mauritania

Signal Hill Cape Town Afrique du Sud

Support for local initiatives in the sustainable management of natural resources

Morocco, South Africa, Uganda, Ghana


Targa for sustainable development

1984 - present

Specific partnership agreement relating to support for the national program of forestry infrastructure and equipment in Morocco

Last semester 2020

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