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Our jobs

Knowledge and innovation for development


Targa conducts actions whose aim is to contribute to multidisciplinary research-action, produce ideas and knowledge relating to development issues and support development dynamics.

  • Expertise in action research.

  • Experimentation with new approaches and working methods.

  • Capitalization of scientific and methodological achievements by disseminating the results of research obtained from field experiences to enrich reflection and improve action for development.

  • Promotion of basic research and technical, social, strategic and institutional innovations.

  • Reception of researchers and trainees.

  • Facilitation of access to knowledge through the provision of its documentary fund.

Support and advice

Targa supports development actors by taking part in the implementation of programs and projects, by proposing strategies, approaches and mechanisms mobilized around development issues.

  • Design, assembly and evaluation of institutional development strategies and mechanisms.

  • Establishment of mechanisms for implementing and supporting development policies and innovative projects.

  • Support and strategic advice in targeted areas of development (participatory planning, capacity building, local governance, participatory and sustainable management of natural resources, development of the private sector and the social and solidarity economy, basic infrastructure and community development projects ).

Local support and capacity building


In order to ensure the sustainability and sustainability of development initiatives, Targa sets up and supports training and skills development programs for the benefit of its employees, partners (State, local authorities, associations, specialized institutions of the Nations- Nations…) and populations by providing training in various fields, in particular:

  • Methodological training: setting up, management, monitoring and evaluation of projects.

  • Technical training: Communal and Geographical Computer System, management of cooperatives, agricultural activities.

  • Technical support to local businesses and local productive activities.

  • Training/awareness: strengthening the role of elected officials and local authority executives, political training in citizen participation.

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